Drawing a line in the dust for West Laikipia

Armed Invasion of our Family Home in Kenya!

We have some amazing rafikis out there -thanks Netta

Over a period of 12 months, heavily armed pastoralist raiders have destroyed businesses , farms and homes already suffering the effects of a failed rainy season and the resulting poor grazing grass. Thugs and bandits have driven tens of thousands of their livestock onto private property, stolen livestock and stored stockfeeds, destroyed crops in the fields, people’s homes, lodges, household possessions and taken many lives.
The destruction to larger ranches has been widely reported in the media, but there are many small holders who have been impacted even more severely, in most cases losing everything. To date, they have received little or no help.

Whilst government security agencies have been taking steps to reign in the insurgents, the problem is widespread over a very large area and difficult to contain.
Dusty Helmets plans to raise funds to alleviate the effects of…

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Measures in place to avert Sub standard goods in market,says KEBS

“KEBS has initiated an SMS plat form through which consumers can be able to check conformity of all products in the market. As an extra measure to ensure quality delivery of service, traders can now be able to purchase a standard on line using the KEBS web store especially for innovative products” said Director in charge of standards development and trade at KEBS Charles Gachahi


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