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Faith & I


This was a wedding we shot towards the end of last year. Siaji + Erica are both teachers in Thailand. One time Faith & I were strolling along 1st Avenue Parklands on our attempts to look for an office, when my phone rang with a + something number. The caller was one Siaji a teacher in Thailand. He told us he & his fiancee Erica were planning a wedding later on in the year in Kisumu. I was elated, I love difference in a wedding, & this provided once of those chances.

Here is the story Erica told us about how she & Siaji 1st met.

A mutual friend was moving back to the UK from Phuket, Thailand and she had a farewell party. It was at this party that I met Siaji. He was having a dance-off with a few others. It was here that the spark hit; a…

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