Propaganda War

One of the problems for journalists and photographers is that the propaganda war has become a much bigger part of the shooting war.

The US ruling class in particular has learned valuable lessons from the war they conducted against Vietnam and that is not to allow critical journalism and photography if they can possibly avoid it.

Many photographers are embedded with western troops and they only show the world from their point of view.

In Libya the media was completely hostile to Colonel Gadaffi and most reporters and photographers embedded themselves with the ‘rebels’ (I like to think of them as counterrevolutionaries but few share my viewpoint).360_propaganda_gaza_0113

In Syria the media is again being directed by their own foreign offices to take the imperialist ‘anti-Assad’ viewpoint and this lack of ‘impartiality will always put journalists at risk because they become part of the war machine!

Imagine if journalists were always embedded with the police in a domestic demonstration? This is the same thing in foreign policy terms.

The more journalists serve the propaganda purposes of their own ruling classes the more they will become distrusted and despised by the local population.

Appealing to western imperialist governments (the people who start these wars in the first place) for more legal protection will only make the position of journalists worse because then they will always be identified with the west and their men with guns!

Source: Worldwide campaign launched to support conflict photographers and journalists


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