Strive to fully realize devolution benefits, Koigi urges locals

People queue to vote in Nakuru in 2013. Photo- courtesy

By Pristone Mambili

Former Subukia MP and activist Koigi wa Wamwere has said there is more to be done to ensure devolution benefits the common citizen.


Speaking in a Peace Forum in Nakuru organized by the Sauti Ya Wanjiku Forum,Koig stated that the system as it is now can only be termed as that of the elite in the society.

“Devolution as democracy we cannot say is for the people but at the moment it is for the elite in society” he said.

Kiogi who at one particular time was detained in the fight against one party dictatorship was quick to point out that the economic system of the nation has remained unchanged hence the problem being faced.

He said if there is to be felt development and transformation then there is more vigorous work to ensure that the economic system is also transformed to favor even the common people in society.

“As we were fighting the one party dictatorship we forgot to address the economic system of the nation which has remained exactly what it was and we have not come to agree to the change of the system” said Koigi.

Former Subukia MP and Activist Koigi wa Wamwere

Koigi who is eyeing the Nakuru Senatorial seat also slammed at politicians who are busy bribing voters saying that will not change the system of the country.


He also called on Kenyans to ensure they vote in leaders of integrity not leaders who are busy dishing out huge sums of money.

“The system we have is rotten where those who have resources are busy using their resources to bribe voters to get the seats. A time has come even for the common citizens to shun such leaders who want to erode the nation” he said.

Koigi was addressing members of the Sauti ya Wanjiku in Nakuru, a movement of Kenyans who believe that only ethical, value based leadership and citizenry can save Kenya from imminent disintegration.

Sauti Ya Wanjiku aims to raise the consciousness of Kenyans in order to engage in a just and value based nonviolent struggle against economic exploitation of the majority by a few, impunity, corruption, tribalism, nepotism and other vices in the society today.



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